Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
HeavyDuty wrote:
Win XP Pro SP3 SM 1.1.14

Today I got a send error stating that my message could not be copied to the sent box. When looking at local settings\temp I observed iterations of NSCopy.tmp and NSCopy1.tmp. Both with 0 bits/bytes.

check your settings: edit, mail & newsgroups account settings, select the account, and under Copies & Folders, make sure that everything is pointing to the correct folder. And look very closely because what looks correct, really isn't.

In each of my 10 mail accounts/copies and folders/ all I have is the name of the mail boxes (sent, drafts, templates), under the account name. Example: under the account Heavy Duty, in the window for sent, it reports Heavy Duty. These are all correct. I can find no suggestion for a path path that goes to documents and settings\ (username)\local settings\temp. That is the directory where these NS*.* show up. Just now as I was attempting to send out an e-mail, it failed with this message: "unable to save message as draft." (I think because the message on the screen had hit the time-out before holding as a draft) "Unable to open the temporary file Documents and Settings\(username)\temp\nsmail.pdf. Check your temporary directory settings." When I looked in the temp file, there was a nsmail.eml file and an nscopy.tmp file both timed to the present/current date/time. Each file was a little less than 2KB.
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