Rick Merrill wrote:
Html AND text = when this option for email is used,
does the text get doubled up?  I often receive email
that suggests this is the case.

In short, yes.

When you send in plain text, the message is sent in plain text of course. When you send in html, the message is sent in html.

If you send in 'both' (plain text and html) there is a plain text 'portion' and a html 'portion' sent. Depending on your email/news program (and it's settings) you will only usually 'see' one version on your screen, but both will be there in the message.

Dependent on how much html is used, a plain text message of say 25KB would perhaps be 30KB to 40KB if sent html. If sent both, then the message size would be 55KB to 65KB

Never send both. It more than doubles the size of a plain text message for no good reason. If a person is reading in plain text only, they will only see the plain text version, the html is useless to them. If they are reading in html, the plain text version is likewise useless.
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