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> Rick Merrill wrote:
>> text
>> html
>> Html AND text = when this option for email is used,
>> does the text get doubled up?  I often receive email
>> that suggests this is the case.
> In short, yes.
> When you send in plain text, the message is sent in plain text of 
> course. When you send in html, the message is sent in html.
> If you send in 'both' (plain text and html) there is a plain text 
> 'portion' and a html 'portion' sent.  Depending on your email/news 
> program (and it's settings) you will only usually 'see' one version on 
> your screen, but both will be there in the message.
> Dependent on how much html is used, a plain text message of say 25KB 
> would perhaps be 30KB to 40KB if sent html. If sent both, then the 
> message size would be 55KB to 65KB
> Never send both. It more than doubles the size of a plain text message 
> for no good reason. If a person is reading in plain text only, they will 
> only see the plain text version, the html is useless to them. If they 
> are reading in html, the plain text version is likewise useless.

I collected data on sizes of some 20 HTML-formatted messages that I
received.  I then looked at the sizes of the text in ASCII.  The mean
bloat factor was 3.7.  Thus, a 25 KB ASCII message (your example) could
easily exceed 90 KB if HTML-formatted.

I also looked at the quality of the HTML in HTML-formatted messages.
The mean number of errors reported by <http://validator.w3.org/> was 9.1
errors per KB of file size.  Thus, your example of a 25 KB ASCII message
converted into an HTML-formatted message might contain as many as 840
HTML errors.

Of course, these statistics are highly dependent on the E-mail
application used to format and send the message.  I did not examine what
applications were in use for the 20 messages.  For details -- including
my methodology -- see my

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