Gianluca Turconi wrote:
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Gianluca Turconi wrote:

I re-post here the following message:

In Firefox I was used to using this code in UserChrome.css

#content tab:not([selected]) {
color: #ff0000 !important;
border-bottom: 2px solid #ff0000 !important;}

in order to change the text color of unread tabs and create a bottom
border for the same purpose.

Now, in SM 2.0a3 the color of the text is correctly changed, but the
border is not displayed.

Any suggestion?



I don't know. I've tried everything I could, but I just can't get a
border around my tabs.

According to what Neil has written in m.d.a.seamonkey the border is not possible in SM because it uses native styled tabs rather than custom ones.

Well, the text change is better than nothing. :)

Thanks anyway,


I saw that too, and it sounds logical. Oh well, atleast you *can* change the tab itself to various colors for active, inactive, and hover. Thats better than nothing.

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