Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Lester Caine wrote:
I've got Seamonkey on an XP(SP3) machine and it's running fine EXCEPT. It's not displaying some websites. Googel and ask come up fine, but when I select it seems to be saying the domain does not exist, jet the same search and link works fine on the machine next door.

There was a trojan on the machine which I've cleared out amd the disk is now fine, but trying to update the pctools anti virus fails, and following the link in seamonkey also fails. Seems to be 'selective amnesia' in relation to some IP addresses, but the firewall is off and I've even booted with all the start-up stuff disabled so all I'm running is seamonkey :(

its not a problem with your computer or SeaMonkey, but rather your isp connection. Your isp DNS server is saying there's no such site, when there really is. I've run into this many, many times, and thats when I switched dns servers and things are far better now.

BUT - I've got a single router on the ADSL line, which all the machines are accessing the internet via. It's only the one machine that is NOT seeing these sites. Just discovered that it does not like either so I can't run windows update :(

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