Mort wrote:
> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> Mort wrote:
>>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>>> Lester Caine wrote:
>>>>> Just discovered that it does not like either so I
>>>>> can't run windows update :(
>>>> but you can't use windows update with SM
>>> Why not? I have a problem with Windows Update with SM and Vista Home
>>> Premium, but my older XP machine updates nicely with SM. Please let
>>> me know why one can't use windows update with SM.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Morton Linder
>> how do you get win update with SM?  In all the years I've tried, I've
>> never gotten it to work. So, whats your secret?
> Hi,
> I have no secret. As I said, it works with XP on my older laptop. On my
> newer laptop with Vista Home Premium, the Windows Update worked for
> about a year, then went screwy. On automatic update, it now downloads
> most important updates and no optional ones. On manual update attempts,
> I hit a stone wall with error code 80072EFD resulting. I've tried
> numerous methods to fix the error code problem, to no avail. If I turn
> SM browser off, and turn on Firefox or I,.E., I stil get the error
> message. Let's hope that Windows 7 will be better than Vista.

If the Beta is any resemblance of what the released product will be
like, then you'll really like it.  IMHO it's what Vista should have been...


Roy Smith
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
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