On 3/25/2009 3:40 PM, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> jim wrote:
>> When one opens SM,I'm asked to key in my Password (ie for Software 
>> security !!??) This is something new. Ti's most annoying.Have I ticked a 
>> Box Somewhere ,or is it something new?. jim
> Master Password?: Edit, Preferences, Privacy & 
> Security, Master Passwords, and remove it.  Warning: If 
> you remove it, then you will lose all your passwords as 
> they're based on the Master.

Instead, try this (which won't cause you to lose your passwords):

1.  On the menu bar, go to [Edit > Preferences].

2.  In the Category area of the Preferences window, select [Privacy &
Security > Master Passwords].

3.  Make sure the selected radio button under Master Password Timeout is
NOT "If it has not been used for . . . ".  Least annoying but less
secure is "The first time it is needed".  Most secure but also more
annoying is "Every time it is needed".

If the radio button for "If it has not been used for . . . " was not the
one already selected, then your home page requires a login.  Change your
home page to something else.

David E. Ross

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