On 03/25/2009 02:25 PM, jim wrote:
> When one opens SM,I'm asked to key in my Password (ie for Software 
> security !!??) This is something new. Ti's most annoying.Have I ticked a 
> Box Somewhere ,or is it something new?. jim

No. You have elected to use encryption when storing sensitive data. I
hope it's not too late if you've followed the 'advise' from Peter or David.

To turn off the popup: Edit|Preferences|Privacy & Security|Passwords|
uncheck "Use encryption when storing sensitive data". However, please
realize that your passwords are now not encrypted - you can verify this
by: Tools|Password Manger|Manage Stored Passwords|Show Passwords. If you
check "Use encryption when storing sensitive data" and then repeat the
above you will see that you cannot view the passwords again without
entering your Master password.

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