I formerly used Firefox and Thunder in Windows XP Pro as my browser/
email client. Thunderbird is supported by PGP Desktop.  I recently
decided to try SeaMonkey 1.1.15 .  I could experiment and find out,
but I believe that wisdom is learning from the experiences of other

I use multiple browsers: Firefox (former default), Flock, K-Meleon,
and KMLite; I use multiple email clients: Thunderbird (former default)
and Windows Live Mail. I will keep Thunderbird accessible if SeaMonkey
and PGP don't work together..  I can use Thunderbird to send and
receive encrypted email. I only use one of my twelve email accounts
for  for that.  I love SeaMonkey.  It uses for less ram than the
Firefox/Thunderbird duo.  It is more convenient; I can open the other
functions with buttons on the status bar. You know.
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