On 3/27/2009 9:22 AM, saint satin stain wrote:
> I formerly used Firefox and Thunder in Windows XP Pro as my browser/
> email client. Thunderbird is supported by PGP Desktop.  I recently
> decided to try SeaMonkey 1.1.15 .  I could experiment and find out,
> but I believe that wisdom is learning from the experiences of other
> folk.
> I use multiple browsers: Firefox (former default), Flock, K-Meleon,
> and KMLite; I use multiple email clients: Thunderbird (former default)
> and Windows Live Mail. I will keep Thunderbird accessible if SeaMonkey
> and PGP don't work together..  I can use Thunderbird to send and
> receive encrypted email. I only use one of my twelve email accounts
> for  for that.  I love SeaMonkey.  It uses for less ram than the
> Firefox/Thunderbird duo.  It is more convenient; I can open the other
> functions with buttons on the status bar. You know.

I did some experimenting a few years ago.  Because of differences in
end-of-line (EOL) indicators between Windows and UNIX, encrypting or
signing Web pages is not practical.  Thus, in terms of the SeaMonkey
browser -- or any other browser -- the answer is "No".

As for E-mail in SeaMonkey, see the following bug reports:

#285715 and #363302 were both closed as Invalid.  The attitude expressed
is that Thunderbird (and thus SeaMonkey, which uses code from
Thunderbird or vice versa) would simply never be compatible with PGP.
However, the fact that #22687 is still open gives me some hope that
compatibility between Mozilla applications and PGP might someday exist.
 Currently, in terms of the SeaMonkey mail/news capability, the answer
is also "No".  This is one of the reasons I still won't use Thunderbird
or SeaMonkey for E-mail.

There is a mail/news extension called Enigmail that works with Gnu
Privacy Guard (GPG).  I was never able to get GPG to use my PGP keyring
and thus did not thoroughly evaluate Enigmail.


David E. Ross

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