On 03/27/2009 08:59 AM, jon q public wrote:
> http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/supernatural/full/?play=448-5399
> not that it matters SM 1.1.15 under linux etc
>> We're sorry, but only the following operating systems are supported at 
>> this time:
>> Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
>> (i386) Apple Macintosh OS X or later
>> (PPC) Apple Macintosh OS X or later
>> Please check back soon for support for other operating systems.
> I'll be sure to do that. I love that a UNIX derivative is fully 
> supported as long as it has a "label"
> All commentary about Jobs the "rebel" withheld

Spoofing as IE on WinXP brings up a prompt for an installer; clicking
the 'Terms and Conditions' leads to:


CW are not using Flash & apparently have not used the integration api
provided by Movie Networks. According to:
Unlike other media players, Move Media Player can be tailored to fit
your individual strategy. The player can be integrated into Flash,
Silverlight, or HTML player environments and can be designed with the
look and feel, as well as the features and controls, that you choose to
make it a powerful branding vehicle. You can also incorporate overlays
to make the viewing experience even more meaningful.
So it seems possible that maybe someone could create a SM/Fx plugin
using OpenGL.

You can leave comments here:

Let them know that their mothership CBS (CW is a CBS Warner Bros
venture) http://www.cbs.com/video/ uses flash on their video site.

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