Joseph Puentes wrote:

I just bought a new computer and am having trouble installing the adobe flash player. I click install and it says that I need to turn seamonkey off for it to install so then I go and turn seamonkey off and it says the exact same thing. I then tried restarting and installing but it says I need to turn seamonkey off.

I don't understand how to install the player please advise.

I have a PC with XP Pro on it and am using seamonkey 1.1.14 on it


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Take a look in your systray after you have closed SeaMonkey. Do you still see a SeaMonkey icon there? If so, you have enabled Quick Launch.

Quick Launch keeps some of SeaMonkey loaded in memory, so that the program loads faster. If you have Quick Launch enabled, SM is not really closed. Close QL, and your install should work.

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