The date and time was Monday, March 30, 2009 3:05:59 PM, and on a whim, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo pounded out on the keyboard:

SM 1.1.15

Is anyone else having a similar problem:

you have something opened, like SM Mail. You click on compose, and you have to wait and wait and wait. The task manager says the program is not responding. After a minute, then the compose window opens and everything is back to normal, until you open something else. You could open the browser, or bookmark manager, or whatever, and you just wait.

I've tracked mine down to hostperm.1. If I close the program and remove it, then reopen and things work great again.

I've noticed the same problem with FF3. When I click to open it, it would take a few minutes. I could click on it again and a window would open. I would close that, and the original click would finally open. I removed permissions.sqlite and things would be back to normal.

So, anyone else having any similar problems?

I haven't noticed any issues with hostperm.1.

I have found that the constant sqlite updating of so many files in FF causes a lot more issues than it's worth IMO. I don't think most users need the repeated updating of the 6 files.

On one network I admin, all laptop users stopped using FF3 because the backup software wasn't configurable enough to exclude all the sqlite files, and the backup was constantly writing to the server and bogging down the performance. So it was a double whammy, constant sqlite updating and constant backing up. On another network, I was able to set up a FF profile in the backup software and exclude the sqlite files from updating constantly during the day, but have them backup once on shutdown.

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