Cedar wrote:
My (newly acquired) antivirus found a virus in one of my folders where I keep the stuff that I want to keep. It then deleted the entire folder! Ouch! The filename in the virus vault is named 0021_body.html: what does this 0021 mean? Is that a number that defines which e-mail was infected? Is there a way to view this e-mail, or preferably this entire folder, would that filename mean that it's the 21st e-mail in the folder...? Would there maybe be a way to delete just the offending e-mail and restore the others, at least? Is this normal behaviour for an antivirus, I mean to delete the entire folder? If that's the case, Wow! what if it had been found in my main folder! Ouch!

I would say no it isn't!

Seems to me that should at least have been copied to the supplier of your AV program!

Do let us know what they say!

keith whaley
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