On 03/31/09 09:24, none wrote:
> Hello,   I am so new to this programme.....I do not understand.....I 
> keep getting msg:  cannot connect to server pop3.....
> What in Heaven's Name can I do....

The POP server is what SeaMonkey connects to when getting e-mail
messages from your ISP. You've probably already created an e-mail
account in SeaMonkey, so go to Edit -> Mail & Newsgroups Account
Settings, then in the left navigation area, click on Server
Settings under your e-mail account.

Here, the server type should be POP (or something like that). Check
that the settings are those suggested by your ISP. If you're not
sure what they should be, check the Support page at your ISP. It
may take some looking around, but they should have a page which
explains what settings they need.

Does that help?
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