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Hello, I am so new to this programme.....I do not understand.....I keep getting msg: cannot connect to server pop3.....

What in Heaven's Name can I do....
What is your Internet Service Provider ?

According to this:


It's telus Canada.

Therefore the SM settings must be done as follow:

However, the server settings below should be enough to configure most email clients:

POP email settings:

    * Domain name: telus.net
    * Server type = POP3
    * Incoming (POP) server = pop.telus.net
    * Outgoing (SMTP) server = smtp.telus.net

IMAP email settings:

    * Domain name: telus.net
    * Server type = IMAP
    * Incoming (IMAP) server = imap.telus.net
    * Outgoing (SMTP) server = smtp.telus.net

Some require SSL or other secure connections.
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