I am trying to watch the Old Faithful Area Live-Streaming Video WebCam that can be accessed from this web page:


It seems that I am missing a Windows Media Player plug-in that would allow me to receive this video picture. Here is what is happening-

--I launch the Old Faithful Geyser Live-Video WebCam from the top of the web page identified above.

--I then see a new window with http://www.nps.gov-NPS Streaming Video - Seamonkey at the top followed by a second line containing nps.gov. No streaming video is present.

I next visited the Frequently Asked Questions page (also accessed from the above referenced web page) hoping to find the answer to my problem. There I found the following:

Q. I used to be able to watch the webcam when it was first offered, but now all I get is a blank, pop-up window. What's wrong? A. This problem has been reported by people who prefer to use Firefox. A Windows Media Player plug-in for Firefox is available for several versions of the Windows operating system. You can find the free, 302K download at Port25.technet.com.

Well, I now know that there is a Windows Media Player plug-in that is required in order to make Firefox work. I, however, do not know the name of this plug-in after clicking the download site. The site is located at:


I presume, based on what I read on the above web page, that the plug-in only works with Firefox.

My next stop was to see what about:plugins would tell me if anything. There I found "Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library" with nine entries under MIME Type. Again, this does not tell me much. I presume that I do have Windows Media Player on my system and that it has nine plug-ins.

Well, that is where I am at this point. I would appreciate any guidance anybody sends my way regarding this subject. By the way, my system information is:

Windows XP SP-3


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