John Boyle replied On 4/8/2009 6:04 PM

To anyone: I just opened my Seamonkey newsgroup and what did I find? At
least 3 Watch commercials! What the heck is going on? Yet, you people
will NOT allow someone to delete a message that is totally unnecessary
to what the newsgroup is all about! Where is the sense in that, please
tell me?


The Google gmail Spam Scumbags have found us an easy target.

They found my web site contact page and began sending tons of Spam Messages, so I created a message filter to send all gmail domain messages into the trash can.

If someone really wants to contact me through gmail they can use my official Google gmail account address.

It is too bad the folks who are so adamant about real users of this group cannot monitor the Spam messages as tightly as they do regular members.

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