Michael Gordon wrote:
> John Boyle replied On 4/8/2009 6:04 PM
>> To anyone: I just opened my Seamonkey newsgroup and what did I find? At
>> least 3 Watch commercials! What the heck is going on? Yet, you people
>> will NOT allow someone to delete a message that is totally unnecessary
>> to what the newsgroup is all about! Where is the sense in that, please
>> tell me?
> John,
> The Google gmail Spam Scumbags have found us an easy target.
> They found my web site contact page and began sending tons of Spam
> Messages, so I created a message filter to send all gmail domain
> messages into the trash can.
> If someone really wants to contact me through gmail they can use my
> official Google gmail account address.
> It is too bad the folks who are so adamant about real users of this
> group cannot monitor the Spam messages as tightly as they do regular
> members.
> Michael
To Michael Gordon,et al: Someone on the web management team noticed and
made them deletable from that end! :-)
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