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Bob Minchin wrote:
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When i use my windows live hotmail webmail account with seamonkey 1.1.16 and earlier, I can read my email but when I try to compose mail, I cannot write the text of the mail.

The mail account works fully with Firefox so the hotmail end looks like it is configured OK.

Can anyone throw any light on this please.



I just downloaded SM 1.1.16 for the Mac, and am replying to your message using that version right now. Nothing seems to be wrong with 1.1.16.
It sure seems to be working for me!
BTW, I clicked on Reply, not Compose. Choosing Compose gets me a fresh, empty html composing window, and I _never_ use html in answering emails.

keith whaley

why can't you compose? What happens? What error messages, if any, do you get? When you click on compose, what happens?

The reply window opens but I cannot type in it

Have you tried changing the user agent to pretent to be FF and see what happens?

Sorry I don't understand this part.


Keith, you don't appear to be using hotmail. It is only when I use my hotmail account that the problem appears.


Ooops! Gotcha. You're right, I don't use Hotmail.
That's both Microsoft and web mail, neither of which I like.
I'll bow out of this conversation now!  :-D

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