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Wasn't sure I should add my question to the thread above, so I'll start a new one. I have the new FireFox plugin installed and it appears to work fine when I test it on the site:
I have Media Player 11 installed...

The problem I'm having is with my Dad's website and a piece of javascript I am trying to use that plays daily mp3's... The script works fine in IE... and in fact works fine on his PC as he has Quicktime installed. I don't have Quicktime and would prefer to use the Media player plugin.

His website address is:

Thanks, John

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I clicked on the above web site and the home page automatically played the background music file. I checked the Music page and noticed all the music files are either .midi or .mp3 files. Your WMP is not set up to play those file formats.

I clicked on one file from the Music page and my Crescendo mp3 player plugin opened an played the song.

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