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Wasn't sure I should add my question to the thread above, so I'll start a new one. I have the new FireFox plugin installed and it appears to work fine when I test it on the site:
I have Media Player 11 installed...

The problem I'm having is with my Dad's website and a piece of javascript I am trying to use that plays daily mp3's... The script works fine in IE... and in fact works fine on his PC as he has Quicktime installed. I don't have Quicktime and would prefer to use the Media player plugin.

His website address is:

Thanks, John
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I clicked on the above web site and the home page automatically played the background music file. I checked the Music page and noticed all the music files are either .midi or .mp3 files. Your WMP is not set up to play those file formats.

I clicked on one file from the Music page and my Crescendo mp3 player plugin opened an played the song.


Hi Michael,

I checked Windows Media Player and MP3 is selected as on of the file types. I have midi unchecked because I still use Crescendo for that..

When I click on a MP3 links on Dad's music page -
Windows Media Player starts right up? That has always worked...

Are you using the FireFox Plugin?

I'm still thinking it has something to do with the javascript, although that doesn't explain why it works in IE? Or could it be that there are lines missing in Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin in about

audio/x-ms-m3u                 m3u,*         Yes
audio/x-ms-mp3                 mp3,*         Yes

I don't know, I just know enough about javascript to barely get by.


Hello John,

I am not using a FireFox plugin.

I am using the Crescendo Universal Max plugin developed years ago for Netscape (Mozilla). The Universal will install for both SeaMonkey and IE, but because SM was developed after the last upgrade to Crescendo you will have to point the Crescendo installer to where you have the SM Plugin Folder.

Try this version, the last on the list.

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