Raylee Cooper wrote:
Hi Michael,
Thanks for the tip. I enabled Quick Launch at set up, then disabled it,
then enabled it again because I thought I should, for speed of
launching, so I've disabled it again, and hopefully it will resolve my

Hi Raylee,

Please reply to the post, rather then composing a new message, and when you do reply, quote a little relevant text to give your reply context. The way your replies come up as separate posts make an involved support thread impossible. Pretty quickly no one will be able to remember what your are talking about.

This support forum is actually a newsgroup mirrored as a mailing list. The vast majority of helpers here see it as a newsgroup on the news.mozilla.org server, with support questions threaded by the subject.

Actually, the best way to use these groups is to set up a newsgroup account in SeaMonkey for news.mozilla.org. Firstly, it will not clog up your inbox with posts in which you have no interest, and most important, your own support threads will work much better for you.

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