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Seamonkey 1.1.16
Win XP Pro SP3
WordPerfect WPOX4 SP1.

For some strange reason, WordPerfect wants me to set my default e-mail client to MS Office 2007 Outlook (Macy's and Gimbel's?). The particular WP function has nothing to do with e-mail, but that's beside the point. If I do set my default e-mail client to Outlook, how will that affect Seamonkey?
Which version of X4 do you have? Standard includes WP Mail, so why would it want MSO 2007 as the default?

Are you sure you're not confusing the AB? Try looking under Tools, Settings, Environment, In the Address Book window, choose "WordPerfect Address Book".

Terry R.
Why would WP want MSO Outlook? I have no idea.
Setting in WP is the default address book: "WordPerfect Address Book."

I am waiting for some advice from the WP NG.

I don't know about your version of WP, but in mine [WP10 and 6.1] the default is whatever windows told it: Click on the windows start button, then settings, then control panel, then the Internet Options icon, and under Programs tab, under Email, select SM Mail.

Make sure you do this with SM and WP closed. Did that work?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that changed in v11, with Windows AB being the default. The WP AB isn't reliable, as Ive had it fail often enough that if I add anything to it, I immediately export it, same as I do with the TB AB. That's probably why Corel started defaulting to the WAB.

The WP groups are full of "what happened to my address book" type stuff, and no one even replies anymore. As long as I back it up after modifying it, it doesn't bother me if/when it fails.

Terry R.
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