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Seamonkey 1.1.16
Win XP Pro SP3
WordPerfect WPOX4 SP1.

For some strange reason, WordPerfect wants me to set my default e-mail client to MS Office 2007 Outlook (Macy's and Gimbel's?). The particular WP function has nothing to do with e-mail, but that's beside the point. If I do set my default e-mail client to Outlook, how will that affect Seamonkey?

It will have no effect of SeaMonkey.....just that every time you try to send an email, you will be using Outlook (with all its virus, worm, trogan permitting problems!!), unless you specifically select SM.

Not a good idea, if you ask me.


So, are you saying that except when I am using seamonkey and sending/replying/forwarding e-mail from within it, that any other time I click on an e-mail address link, it will start outlook?

If you are using SeaMonkey and want to send an e-mail, SeaMonkey has the facility to send an e-mail, i.e. it's the one program, so there is no need for Windows to start the default program.

At any other time, when you click on an e-mail address, the system WILL start the default e-mail program. If Outlook is the default, that's what gets started.


thats sort of correct. Because SM is an all in one package, if you click on an email link in the browser, then it will start the SM mail editor. Even if you have another email program set as the default.

Well, that gives me some "comfort" to create a MSO Outlook default work-a-round.
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