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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Rex's Mom wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Rex's Mom wrote:
I seem to have lost the ability to play videos. I click on a link and zilch.

Same link plays fine in Firefox.

Have tried it with both my regular profile and a test profile which has only the default settings.


what type of videos? Can you provide a link or two to where this is happening?  the Scottish singer

there were others, but they are 'embedded' within a site.

see my advice here:

tried that and it still didn't work. Recently, I uninstalled Macromedia FlashPlayer thinking that since Adobe bought it, didn't need it. I do have Adobe (Flashplayer)10 Plug-in in my Control Panel llist of programs.

So...tried another install (having d/l and saved it previously) and it installed it into the Opera pgm. plug-in folder. Although I did once d/l Opera, I don't use it. So, I copied all the files from the Opera plug-in folder to the SM program folder and still no joy.

What am I missing?


uninstall Flash. Then go into the flash program directory and remove any left over files. Reinstall Flash. When you do all this, do so with SM closed.

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