JeffM wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
I have been using the "Regular" downloader
that comes with SeaMonkey 1.1 when I download
(I am on dial-up).

Gecko's "Download Manager" *is* quite pathetic;
a glaring deficiency in the package.
A "Download Manager that won't resume a broken download
shouldn't even be able to call itself by that term.

Some time ago, I obtained WinGet 1.9 (Indentix.Inc) and use it periodically.

WinGet apparently opens several "ports?" or "Lines?" to the source
and downloads via more than one route simultaneously
and thus faster..or so they say.

Indeed.  This ASSuMEs that the bottleneck is at THAT end.

My question is - is what they say true?

I thought that the speed limit for me downloading
is the phone line's kbps and not the "dump speed" from the source.

You got it in one.  See "cannot magically solve" in the article.

I suppose if I upgraded to the latest SM, the newer version has solved that problem....hmmm?

I just hate to upgrade if something is quite good (usually).

My SeaMonkey 1.1 has been very complaints really.

I just wondered about how WinGet worries.

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