DoctorBill wrote:
I would like to ask for your knowledgeable opinions.

I have been using the "Regular" downloader that comes with SeaMonkey 1.1 when I download (I am on dial-up).

Some time ago, I obtained WinGet 1.9 (Indentix.Inc) and use it periodically.

If you click on this link, you will see a screenshot of the WinGet window as it downloads a file.  from  Indentix

WinGet apparently opens several "ports?" or "Lines?" to the source and downloads via more than one route simultaneously and thus faster..or so they say.

My question is - is what they say true?

I thought that the speed limit for me downloading is the phone line's kbps and not the "dump speed" from the source.

You can see from the screenshot that it had 4 "lines" running and the rate at which they downloaded (slower than hell).

I could download the same large file twice - once with SM DM and again with WinGet and time them...but I'm lazy I suppose.

BTW - I know each of you has a favorite or one you think works better which I probably will not use.


I think the download manager breaks up the downloaded file into several pieces and downloads those. Depending on the set up, but some will download them 5 at a time.

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