$irVivor & ┬žire├čird wrote:
Some two thirds of my bookmarks suddenly vanished last night for no
apparent reason.
I'd been looking at a site I've used dozens of times before (IMDB),
closed SeaMonkey, opened it again a few minutes later to check
another regular site (BBC News) - and suddenly realised that most of
my bookmarks weren't there any more.
I had hoped they'd be back this morning when I booted up but no such
luck :((
Any quick and easy way to get them back short of reinstalling
SeaMonkey or changing to Firefox, please?

Terry, when you opened SM to go to the BBC site, did you get any message about SM being in use and you having to use a different profile??

If so, with SM up and running, have a look at Tools|Switch Profiles. Do you see more profiles listed than you would expect?? If so, see if you can switch to the other profiles. If you cannot switch to one, this is probably the profile you want and that SM didn't close properly when the error occured, so the system still thinks you are using the old profile.

To fix this, close SM and then, after a couple of minutes, do Crtl-Alt-Delete and end the SM process that is still running.

Now, restart SM, go Tools|Switch Profiles, and you should be able to select the other account. Are you "hot-to-trot"?

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