MalcolmO escreveu:
>> The hacks needed to install it are very mature and easy to
>> apply. I'd recommend upgrading, even though it's not officially
>> supported.
> The one I like is half-booting to a command line, telling the machine
> its speed is 867 and then continuing the boot into OSX. Then when the
> installer asks, the Mac says it's the required speed and the install
> happens. When you boot the next time, you're back to being 800 but
> Leopard is installed and running. A LOT simpler than editing the DVD.
> Just a couple lines of typing. I've got the link somewhere.

IMHO, the best alternative to most users is Leopard Assistant:

No need to edit the DVD, no need to drop to the terminal, no need to
remember OpenFirmware commands.
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