Gregory Hicks wrote:

I wrote last week about a "gray bar below the status bar" and that I had solved this by deleting my profile and recreating it...

Now I have a new problem. To wit: The password manager does not seem to cue on my Bank's login request. (It used to save the login info, now does not.)

Anyone have any idea's on why not? Is there some way I can 'force' the info to be saved?

Thanks in advance!

Gregory Hicks

check your settings: Edit, Preferences, Privacy & Security, Passwords, and make sure the little box there is checked.

If you still have your old profile hanging around, here's what you do:

Close SM, then locate, in the old profile, an 8 digit file that ends in a .s, such as 12345678.s, and key3.db. Now copy those to the new profile and put them in the same place as the other location. Open SM and your passwords should be there.

If you already have a password file in the new profile, then rename it, and rename the old password file to the new file. But don't copy over the key3.db file. Then open SM.

Did any of these work?

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