On 04/29/09 13:40, Mark Hansen wrote:
> On 04/29/09 13:30, David Wilkinson wrote:
>> David Wilkinson wrote:
>>> Having recently upgraded to SeaMonkey 1.1.16, I notice that attachments 
>>> in my incoming email are not being listed in the attachments box to the 
>>> right of the headers.
>>> The paper clip is there, the attachments box is there, but it is empty.
>>> On another machine with SeaMonkey 1.1.15 it works correctly.
>>> If it matters, this is IMAP mail.
>> Nobody else sees this?
> I see it rarely. When it does happen, I can just select a different
> message, then come back to this one and it shows the attachments
> fine.
> I wonder if the attachment info is kept in the .msf file, and if
> removing that file might clear it up for you?
> ... not much help, I know.
> Regards,

I should have said that I'm also using 1.1.16, on Windows and Linux,
and that my e-mail is on an IMAP server as well. I've seen this from
time to time back to the beginning of my use of SeaMonkey, and haven't
seen any increase since upgrading to 1.1.16.

Sorry I wasn't more clear in my initial response.

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