Martin Feitag wrote:
u...@domain.invalid schrieb:
Is there a way to take the many email messages I have saved in Seamonkey
and get them out of Seamonkey and into my regular files?

um, what?
All emails are in fact stored in a file (one file per folder (one for inbox, one for drafts, one for templates etc...)). Feel free to copy them or whatever you like. As you didn't specify any version/OS, noone will be able to tell you where to have a look, so good luck ;-P
If I am reading your request correctly

I set up a second account set to a unknown server x.x.x and set its default file location to a location like C:\docs\Mozilla where I keep these files
emails can be filtered to that account or you can manually move them

Your second option is move the default file location out of its location to where ever you want

hope this helps
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