On 05/02/09 08:47, Serge Popper wrote:
> Daniel wrote:
>> Serge Popper wrote:
>>> Smiles wrote:
>>>> Martin Feitag wrote:
>>>>> u...@domain.invalid schrieb:
>>>>>> Is there a way to take the many email messages I have saved in 
>>>>>> Seamonkey
>>>>>> and get them out of Seamonkey and into my regular files?
>>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> um, what?
>>>>> All emails are in fact stored in a file (one file per folder (one 
>>>>> for inbox, one for drafts, one for templates etc...)). Feel free to 
>>>>> copy them or whatever you like.
>>>>> As you didn't specify any version/OS, noone will be able to tell you 
>>>>> where to have a look, so good luck ;-P
>>>> If I am reading your request correctly
>>>> I set up a second account set to a unknown server x.x.x and set its 
>>>> default file location to a location like C:\docs\Mozilla where I keep 
>>>> these files
>>>> emails can be filtered to that account or you can manually move them
>>>> Your second option is move the default file location out of its 
>>>> location to where ever you want
>>>> hope this helps
>>> Thanks for the advice, but, I guess I don't know the proper 
>>> terminology to phrase my question properly.  In fact, my word 
>>> processor files and my spreadsheets are located where I can find them 
>>> and, if necessary, transfer them to another computer.
>>> I don't know how to find my Seamonkey email files.  If I can find 
>>> them, I'd like to be able to back them up on an external hard drive.
>>> So, what I'm asking is how to find the Seamonkey email files and 
>>> transfer them in a Word or PDF format to an external hard drive.
>>> I hope I said it this time.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Serge
>> O.K., Serge, try this!
>> There are two parts to a SeaMonkey set-up, the first is where the 
>> Program is installed and the second is where the profile is stored. If 
>> you un-install SeaMonkey, all you are doing is emptying the program 
>> location, the profile remains untouched, but, what I'm guessing is you 
>> want to know where the profile is!
>> With-in SeaMonkey, have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings 
>> and select your Mail account. On the bottom line of the Server Setting 
>> screen, you should find the Local Directory....this is where your 
>> profile is stored. Use your Windows Explorer to go there (you may have 
>> to un-hide it first!!) and you should find a folder like fhuye376n.slt. 
>> This .slt folder holds your profile with your incoming messages in the 
>> inbox folder (inbox.msf is just an indexing file and can be deleted 
>> without any great consequences!), your outgoing messages are in the sent 
>> folder (sent.msf is just an indexing...........!).
>> Is this the information you are after??
>> Daniel
> Daniel, thanks for your patience and clarity of explanation. I got it! 
> It is exactly what I wanted but didn't know the proper terminology to 
> phrase the question.
> Now all I have to do is to copy those files onto my external hard drive 
> and I'm relatively safe in case of a crash.
> Again,
> Thanks.
> Serge

Actually, if you're trying to create a back-up of your e-mail, then you
probably want to back up the entire profile directory. There are third-
party add-ons for SeaMonkey to do this, or you can just add the directory
to your normal back-up routine.
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