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Also Reminderfox 1.9.1 has been made compatible with SM1.x and SM2.x and some installation reports saying it's OK with that combination, we have one user not getting it up. He reports it's OK with WINxp/SM/RmFx and also OK with the combination of VISTA/Firefox/ReminderFox but not with VISTA + SM + RmFx.

His latest description is posted here:

Are there any further helps, hints or similar observation with this or other extensions based on VISTA/SM??

Any help is very much welcomed.


Just a short notice the user having the problem:
It would seem that the loading problem of SM+RF+Vista are all down to the fact that I had a French version of Vista. In fact it became obvious when other progs started giving me stick. I have reinstalled my Vista OS into English and no everything loads OK BUT, I have 'successfully' loaded RM onto SM

Any explanation for this??
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