Boppy schrieb:
On May 8, 6:54 pm, Ray_Net<>  wrote:
Boppy wrote:
Hiya, someone sent me a PDF with a .doc extension so I had to open it
with Acrobat. Now all .doc attachments try to open with Acrobat, which
of course doesn't work.
How can I tell Seamonkey to go back to using MS Word again for .doc
Are you sure that your problem is in SM ? .... I think that your problem
is in windows .. to be sure .... double-click on a .doc file in your
hard-disk and see wht happens .. if Acrobat is launched - the the
problem is in windows. Then you have to change the default reader of a
.doc extension.

Hi, yes, it's definitely SM because .doc files open in Word fine. Btw,
this is Vista and the SM version is 1.1.7.


Have you checked the Preferences => Navigator => Helper Applications? What's defined for pdf there?

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