On 05/11/09 12:49, Ray_Net wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 05/10/09 20:09, Michael Gordon wrote:
>>> Charles Milton Ling replied On 5/10/2009 7:10 PM
>> [ snip ]
>>> Most likely not.  It is possible that while uninstalling SeaMonkey 
>>> something changed the default browser back to Explorer, look in Control 
>>> Panel/Internet Options/Programs and see if SeaMonkey is selected.  If 
>>> not make the change there.
>>> Michael
>> Interesting. I'm running Windows/XP Pro with SP3, and that dialog
>> does not allow me to set the default browser. It includes controls
>> to select programs to use for the following services:
>> - HTML editor
>> - E-mail
>> - Newsgroups
>> - Internet call
>> - Calendar
>> - Contact list
>> There is a checkbox which says:
>>   "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser"
>> but nothing here to set the default browser to SeaMonkey. Are you thinking
>> that "HTML editor" is Microsoft-speak for default browser?
> Correct ....
> Near the bottom part of the "programs" window, it's written:
> Internet Explorer is not currently the default Web Browser - with a 
> button: "Make Default" and a check-option: "Tell me if Internet Explorer 
> is not the default Web Browser".
> Therefore i could suppose that SM is the default Web Browser.
> However in SM - going to Edit-Preferences-Navigator i see:
> Default Browser: Set SeaMonkey as your default Web Browser
> With a button: "Set Default Browser"
> Therefore, i am lost .... nowhere i can answer the question:
> Which one is your default browser ?

If you just want to see which one is the default, couldn't you just
open an HTML file in Windows/Explorer and see which browser is

Also, I think you can look at the file type associations. Using
Windows/Explorer, go to Tools -> Folder Options, then click on
file types and look for HTM and HTML files.

As far as getting SeaMonkey to be your default browser, I've heard
that you may have to trick the browsers to cooperate in your
decision by making IE the default, then running SeaMonkey and
telling it to become the default.

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