dominique wrote:
dominique wrote, On 5/11/2009 2:36 PM:
dominique wrote, On 5/11/2009 2:35 PM:
Hello all,

Is it just me or do we have other people here using the SM2.0 nightlies
that see the same problem as I see?: (bug 491187 ) where the RSS are
always displayed as "summary" but never as standard (HTML) page,
whatever the RSS account setting?
I see this behavior with Linux and Windows, with a clean profile... It
seems a regression from May 2nd.
Thanks for your feedback

Ooops, error in the title, now corrected...
Anyone interested or seeing the same issue ?
That is quite strange as I tried a clean profile, on Linux and Windows,
to get to the same result: no way to display HTML-formatted RSS, only
the article summary...
I hope this gets noticed eventually, or that someone would provide
directions on how to investigate further....

I'm seeing the same issue, but it only seems to affect one of my many rss feeds.
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