Ken again. Hi Mark. I can only repeat: in my version of SM 1.1.16 (downloaded a few days ago), in the box that opens after you click on File/Open Web Location, and itself headed Open Web Location, there IS no button marked Clear Location Bar.

Googling "Clear location bar" + seamonkey yielded an item headed "'Clear Location Bar' in 'Clear Private Data'". That only compounds my misery. Nowhere can I see Clear Private Data.

Pointers, help - anyone - please?!

Thanks - Ken in Oz
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 05/17/09 17:52, Ken wrote:
Ken here again, replying to Daniel and Mark. No guys, that's not the answer.

First, what I'm talking about is this. In your SM browser (mine is version 1.1.16 - what's yours?), click on File and you will see Open Web Location listed. Click on that and you will get a box which lists URLs of previous websites you have visited, in case you want to choose one of them to revisit. But there is no 'Clear List' button or similar.

That was *exactly* what I was talking about.

Okay, I know about History. I access it via Go in my SM browser. And I know how to clear its lists of sites. Unfortunately, clearing History does NOT clear the URLs listed under File/Open Web Location.

So - anyone - what's my next move, please?

Including me? Try what I said. It worked for me (SeaMonkey 1.1.16).

Thanks - Ken in Oz
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 05/17/09 17:16, Daniel wrote:
Ken wrote:
Hi guys. My SM's browser's 'Open Web Location' list of previous sites visited can be useful, but what if - for privacy's sake - I want to delete the items contained there?

Thanks - Ken in Oz
Ken, I'm not familiar with the term "Open Web Locations", but I'm

  In SeaMonkey (browser), go to File -> Open Web Location.


guessing it's the list of locations in the drop down for the Location bar. If so, I think it is called your "History" and it can be cleared by going to Edit->Preferences->Navigator->History and clicking on the "Clear History" button on the right.
No, but the Clear Location Bar did it (for me, anyway).


Daniel.....also in Oz!

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