Bob Fleischer wrote:
I have been running the latest releases of SeaMonkey (now 1.1.16) on what should be a rather hot system -- a Core 2 quad 3.0 GHz system running Vista Business 64-bit in 8 GB RAM.. SeaMonkey mail performance, especially anything moving messages between folders, is really slow (like several seconds to move a message). I've compressed folders and rebuilt indexes and no improvement. I'm using F-PROT anti-virus. CPU usage according to Task Manager is in the single-digit percentage range.

I run SeaMonkey at home with larger folders on a much older system with better performance -- but it is Windows XP and different anti-virus.

The system disk is defragmented frequently.

What else do I check?


Long shot, but try turning your anti-virus OFF completely and then moving messages... any improvement?

Such a test can indicate if it is anti-virus program releated or not. You can disconnect from the internet when you make the test if you have a mind to although its not really neccessary.

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