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I have been running the latest releases of SeaMonkey (now 1.1.16) on what should be a rather hot system -- a Core 2 quad 3.0 GHz system running Vista Business 64-bit in 8 GB RAM.. SeaMonkey mail performance, especially anything moving messages between folders, is really slow (like several seconds to move a message). I've compressed folders and rebuilt indexes and no improvement. I'm using F-PROT anti-virus. CPU usage according to Task Manager is in the single-digit percentage range.

I run SeaMonkey at home with larger folders on a much older system with better performance -- but it is Windows XP and different anti-virus.

The system disk is defragmented frequently.

What else do I check?


Long shot, but try turning your anti-virus OFF completely and then moving messages... any improvement?

Such a test can indicate if it is anti-virus program releated or not. You can disconnect from the internet when you make the test if you have a mind to although its not really neccessary.

Well, turning off F-PROT's file system protection does indeed improve performance.


In that case I suggest leaving F-Prot off. It is not really protecting you fully in any case.

An anti-virus program is only as good as its 'definintions' file is, and regardless of how often it is updated, that file lags behind reality. For example; the "I Love You" virus, which infected over 30 million users (biggest infestation in history) was checked by many with the latest and greatest AV programs, and came back 'clean'. NONE of the AV programs extant at the time could detect the virus until their definitions files were updated, and that took three to seven days for the AV programs to do.

So, even with F-Prot running, and automatic updating, there is still a 3 to 7 day 'window' in which you are not protected against a 'new' virus.

So how to protect yourself? Simple.

Do NOT open email attachments (opening email is fine, just not the attachments )
     If you MUST open an attachment
         Save it to disk for a week
             Update your AV program, check the file
                 Open/run the attachment

Do NOT open/run files from the web
    If yoiu MUST open/run files from the web
        Save it to disk for a week
           Update your AV program, check the file
                Open/run the file

Use a firewall

Using such a system allows you to run, and be fully protected against all malware, regardless of how new it is. The above system has protected ALL my computers since 1992 and has never failed. It has also been used by hundreds of users I advised and they never reported an infection (at least to me).

You can leave F-Prot off until you really need it, such as checking files/attachments just before opening or running after the week 'save' of course.

Good consels .... in my AV, i can disable the "Internet E-Mail Auto-Protect" protection ... not really needed because the protection works before the run of something. (may be that the disabled check works only during the download of the e-mail and have noting to do with the current issue)
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