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I had to re install everything incl. SeaMonkey but, I backed up everything before I started. How do I restore my inbox?

There are extensive instructions in the Mozillazine kb about migrating your profile including explanations of what's in all the files you find in your profile
Thanks to all of you who responded. I think that I had saved the wrong file and so all the fixes mentioned above would not work. I think that I needed to save the folder and not Seamonkey.

Thanks again,
As i said ... your inbox is here:
I have two files:
C:\Documents and Settings\RAY\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\gt6bfqi6.slt\Mail\\inbox
C:\Documents and Settings\RAY\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\gt6bfqi6.slt\Mail\\inbox.msf

AND have nothing to do with your inbox is the "program part" ....your inbox is in the "profile part" Daniel said ....
My first step would be "In SeaMonkey, have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings, then select your Mail Account then have a look at the Local directory folder at the bottom of window. This will tell you where your profile is on your hard drive."

Step Two Make sure all your Windows folders are un-hidden:-

Then close SeaMonkey, and continue as directed by Rob.
There is where we disagree. My inbox was indeed in a file called there is absolutely no question about that.


Did you have a look, in SM, at where it thinks your Local Directory is??

Hi Daniel,
Yes I did, I keep a printout of all the files on my system and update them monthly. The only inbox was in the folder

So your profile is in the wrong location .....
That maybe but, since I have reinstalled everything the question is really mute. I do not know what you mean the wrong place--if everything worked that would suggest that it was in a different place but worked just fine none the less. :)


John, is it possible that, way back when, you had a version of the Mozilla Suite (the forerunner to SeaMonkey) installed on this computer??

I think it might have had it's profile at the folder, then, when you installed SeaMonkey, it may have just found that profile and kept using it.


That is a really go good point.  I had not considered that.

I agree also ... anyway it looks that your profile and the program parts are located in the same place. If this is the case, it could be that when you go to Add/Remove program to remove SM that this action will also remove your profile...
I hope that i am wrong... if someone can infirm or confirm...
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