Serge Popper wrote:
I've just read a dozen emails on this topic and do not seem to be able to find an answer.
I run XP and Seamonkey.
Up until a week or so ago, I was able to forward emails, inline, with photos in them. Now, I am only able to forward emails inline with text in them. I need the inline function so that I can edit out all the extraneous contents and mailing addresses before I forward the message.
I am aware of no changes I might have made to cause the above.
If I want to forward a message, inline, I now have to save each picture, open it, copy it and then paste it to the email. This becomes very tedious when there are lots of pictures.
My "Send in HTML" is turned on.
Can anyone tell me how I can restore the send inline function?

How big is the photo file that you are trying to send?? Some ISP's limit the size of e-mails they will handle....could be your ISP, could be the other end's ISP!!

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