On May 21, 6:56 pm, JeffM <jef...@email.com> wrote:
> Serge Popper wrote:
> >Up until a week or so ago, I was able to forward emails, inline,
> >with photos in them.
> ...clogging up everyone's inbox and using up their bandwidth.
> >Now, I am only able to forward emails inline with text in them.
> Problem solved.  In the future,
> park the pictures on a server and mail ONLY THE LINKS[1];
> allow *the reciepients* to DECIDE how they want to use
> their bandwidth and their storage space.
> Email was never intended to transmit BINARY data.
> The overhead necessary to do that
> ADDS to the bandwidth burden clueless people impose on others.
> ...and pass this information on
> to the dim bulb who emailed the images to you.
> .
> .
> Giving the files USEFUL names helps.

What an ASS!   Get off of dial-up and get more bandwith.  Most NORMAL
people like to send pics in their e-mail!!!
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