I have a user that from time to time will call and say that Sea Monkey has changed the default setting of Portrait in Page Setup/ Format & Layout to Landscape. This becomes an issue when she tries to print via navigator. The page she is printing works normally after I have reset it back to portrait in page setup however, a few days later the setting goes back to landscape, she will go to print something and then I will get a call asking me why Sea Monkey keeps changing back to Landscape.

I have not been able to find anything in about:config or pres.js or user.js or chrome, that specifies this setting.

Is there somewhere I can force it to always print portrait? or at least make it so it will not change.

If this topic has been discussed before I apologize for any duplicate post. I was not able to find anything on this subject as of yet.

Thank you in advanced for any help.
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