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I have a user that from time to time will call and say that Sea Monkey has changed the default setting of Portrait in Page Setup/ Format & Layout to Landscape. This becomes an issue when she tries to print via navigator. The page she is printing works normally after I have reset it back to portrait in page setup however, a few days later the setting goes back to landscape, she will go to print something and then I will get a call asking me why Sea Monkey keeps changing back to Landscape.

I have not been able to find anything in about:config or pres.js or user.js or chrome, that specifies this setting.

Is there somewhere I can force it to always print portrait? or at least make it so it will not change.

I frequently have this problem too -- when I select "landscape" instead of "portrait," or pick a fixed scaling size in the Print Preview window, that setting sticks and has to be reset manually. Don't know why and haven't found a way to fix it, other than resetting things in Page Setup / Format.

My first response would be that the OP's user might be setting the printer default setting to Landscape in some other program, so that when she then starts up SeaMonkey, it too, is set to Landscape.

As far as I know there is only one default per computer, you don't really get to have a different "default" for each program that outputs to the printer!!

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