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Just upgraded from Moz 1.7.13 to SM 1.1.16, and before doing so I ran Mozilla's profile manager to clean up any extraneous entries. It prompted me to choose between my current profile and an imaginary one that AFAICT no longer exists. When I told it to delete the imaginary one, it said it had been created by "a previous version of Navigator" and could only be removed by that program (probably v. 4.5 or so!) -- but of course it was willing to delist it, so I did that.

When I completed the SeaMonkey installation, the new profile manager did the same thing -- asked me to choose between a real and imaginary profile, then agreed to delist the imaginary one.

I've searched and searched my computer and can't find any remnant of the imaginary profile to remove, so what gives? What do I need to clean up before the profile managers will stop "detecting" it?


Check "Profiles.ini" in the profiles directory.

No such file anywhere on my computer.

Could it be it is hidden and Windows does not display it?

It is normally located on c:\documents and settings\......\application data\application data\mozilla\seamonkey. (with ... standing for user's name).

John Doue
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