On 06/04/09 15:05, Mark Hansen wrote:
> I saw a reference to an Allow HTML Temp addon for SeaMonkey,
> and it sounds very interesting. When I go to the SeaMonkey
> add-ons page:
> <https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/seamonkey/addon/1556>
> it says "Add to SeaMonkey", but when I try it, the installation
> is in German and I don't appear to be installing it correctly,
> as I don't get a "Show HTML" button on my HTML-formatted messages
> when viewing them in plain text.
> Is the above link the correct .xpi for SeaMonkey?
> Can someone please tell me how to get through the installation
> so the add-on is installed in the Program area (not in the
> user's profile)?
> Thanks,

Well, I just noticed that if I right-click in the message preview
pane, there is a context menu titled "Show HTML".

Isn't there supposed to be a button added to the UI somewhere so
I can just click on that, rather than navigating to a context

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