David Wilkinson wrote, On 6/8/2009 1:55 PM:
I'm sure there will be many good things in SM2, but for me the most
important order of business is getting the FireFox 3 rendering engine.
Already there are several sites I use (one in particular) that do not
render well in SM1.x.

So my question is: Is the release of SM2 being delayed until Thunderbird
3 is finished?

Compatibility with TB is good, but if (as might appear) the release of
TB3 is not a matter of great urgency, I am concerned.

I personally find the current SM2 nightlies at a very high level of quality (a good beta, compared to some other open source dev...), thanks to the work of the whole team ! Although this work is still referred to as "alpha", it is very usable and reliable.

Kudos to them....
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