David Wilkinson wrote:
So my question is: Is the release of SM2 being delayed until Thunderbird
3 is finished?

Yes, it is, we cannot release a stable SeaMonkey release without a stable mail/news backend, which we only will have once Thunderbird 3 goes into at least RC phase.

That said, we'll have a first beta of SM2 in the next few weeks, a second beta a few weeks later and then a final another few weeks later.

We should be on the way now and pick up a good drive towards final. It's a bit unfortunate that the duration between Alpha 3 and Beta 1 grew significantly longer than expected, but things should be moving more smoothly from now on. Unfortunately I can't talk in real schedules right now, as there's one large feature for the mail backend (indexing all data to allow for fast and easy search across all messages and addresses) is being worked on still, and that feature is what's pushing out Thunderbird and SeaMonkey beta release dates right now.

Robert Kaiser
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